5 Mistakes to avoid for successful digital transformation

digital transformation
  • January 30, 2023

Nowadays, almost every enterprise is talking about Digital Transformation (DT), and a basic research will guide you on how to adapt it. However, there is another group of people discussing the flip side of the coin that is—things to avoid. The good news here is: there exist many enterprises that have efficiently navigated the path of digital transformation and solve the mistakes they have committed in this journey. This has laid the path to developing a sort of recommendations to avoid the digital disaster. Want to know how? Continue reading.

#1. The Absence of Well-Defined Process

The term digital transformation is extensive and every organization has a unique story of the digital journey. There is neither a universal methodology, nor it is possible to digitally transform without a proper plan and well-defined goals. To develop this strategy, initially, you should start with creating high-priority requirements. Next, create a blueprint for implementation of the proper technologies to fulfill those requirements.

#2. Not focusing on quick adaption 

Strike a balance and create an environment for the employees to adapt easily and quickly to the latest technologies. Avoid platforms and tools that are highly complex and difficult to learn. Rather, focus on codeless design, user- friendly and unique functionality, etc.

#3. Poor Management of Expectations

Be it anything, change is difficult to accept/adopt. In addition, the concern that some technologies, such as automation, artificial intelligence pose a threat to the human workforce and that creates a situation which is ready with resistance. To overcome this, the expectations should be effectively managed. Communicate more frequently and openly. Make the employees understand the real benefits that  digital transformation will bring to the processes. Clarity their doubts and repress their concerns. Doing this makes them less resistant to adopt new and latest technologies.

#4. Not Seeing the Big Picture

The digital transformation steered by smart automation cannot be done overnight. Also, to make it successful, you shouldn’t approach it as a just normal project. Instead, you should focus on long-run sustainability. For this, you should have clarity on your present situation and also where you want to see your organization in the future.

Though it's a smart decision to begin small and grow further, it is crucial not to become too slow in the process. Successful digital transformation is an initiative that spans all across the enterprise.

#5. Not Quantifying Progress

Many organizations that have gone down and off the rails the route to digital disaster got one common thing: they failed to track their progress. Without knowing the progress, you cannot understand whether you are going in the right direction or not. In addition, if you are not cautious, you may end up finding your missteps too late in the process which is highly difficult to recover later. Use the technologies that are readily available, for example, machine learning, to make data-driven decisions and help keep you on track.

Are you planning to start your digital transformation journey? A great place to begin is with automation and planning. Experience Evermethod’s advanced automation services and kick-start your digital journey.


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