Maximize Your Business's Efficiency with Our Revenue Cycle Management


Equipping Healthcare Providers with the Digital Capabilities to Face the Future

Healthcare providers are stretching working hours for minimal pay when compared with the past. With mounting changes in healthcare costs and reimbursement strategies, maintaining a healthy bottom line is challenging. 

Not just the ‘revenue’ part, the continual regulatory changes, shifts in payer requirements poise major challenges to healthcare operations. Whether it is the emergence of EHRs or new coding standards or different value-based reimbursements: hospitals and healthcare providers started to feel the heat of the situation.  Management (RCM).

Evermethod is equipped with expertise in Revenue Cycle Management, prior authorizations, Medical Credentialing, Denial Management, Medical Billing, and Medical Coding. That’s why we are the right partner when it comes to managing your healthcare operations, speed up reimbursements and managing patient payments. 

Why Choose Us?

Improve Claims Approvals : We carry out AI-based eligibility checks, track out of pocket expenses to reduce denial rates and improve recovery rates. 

Denial Trends : We help you identify the process breakdowns in your current RCM workflow which improves the top line and bottom line. 

Predict Future Denials : Our expert team helps you reduce the operational errors, by ensuring coding effectiveness and process improvements. 

Automate Denial Works : We use ruled-based automation to route denials to correct coder or team; use event-based automation to route denials to correct the account team. 

Decision AI - Reporting & Dashboard : We help you monitor and check trends on revenue cycle to make decisions on improving RCM KPIs, system and staff performance.  

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