Rapid application development

Digital Transformation and Rapid Application Development (RAD) : The need for remodeling existing applications to suit the new platforms, such as web, mobile, and cloud—along with the need for new applications to transform business processes are the key reasons that propelled the inception of RAD.

Evermethod has hands-on experience in delivering high quality, customized and cost-effective applications for enterprises across the continents using RAD model. To make this possible we use Application Security Framework (ASF), payment gateways, reusable elements and other functional components. Evermethod’s Application Security Framework (ASF) along with RAD technologies and tools,  facilitates the development of complex and large software applications and solutions.

Our team implements ‘Agile’ development process along with sprint cycles outlined with the help of customers, to speed up the process of application development and launch. It also helps in the improvement of the functionality further.