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Manufacturers face intensifying pressure to reduce costs while persistently delivering high-quality services and products. Top manufacturers are employing a practical approach to restructuring operations. Organizations that are making wide use of Artificial Intelligence are reaping the outcomes such as enhanced efficiency, reduced downtime while enhancing customer satisfaction.

These organizations are using Artificial Intelligence for many scenarios including Predictive Process Design, Predictive Maintenance, Supply Chain, and Logistics Optimization and more. Evermethod’s state-of-the-art AI-backed platform, enables leading manufacturing companies to perform better taking the best advantage of technology.

AI platform designed for manufacturing processes

Our flagship AI-Driven Platform is meticulously designed to address the issues in traditional manufacturing operations. It is backed with top-notch machine learning and data science capacities and it combines the process, equipment, and material data to make operations more productive.

Each element of our AI platform can be executed on its own, to address immediate challenges or can be deployed as a complete stack to make your organizations ready for digital transformation.

Our flagship AI driven platform enables organizations to obtain real-time visibility and thorough insights for every machine, part, batch, plant and line of the entire manufacturing unit. Our patented platform helps manufacturers to put all their data to best use, irrespective of its format and location. We always implement a data-first approach that digitizes the entire process of obtaining and contextualizing running production data to develop digital twins of each process, batch, and part.

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Increase in Production Efficiency. Enhance Product Quality. Control Operating Costs.

Power Operational Efficiency & Throughput

Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), achieve optimum productivity and empower continuous improvement with our AI and ML expertise. Further, limit the product and process deviation and leverage deep insights for instant decision making and action.

Reduce Downtime & Energy Costs

Optimize labor by decreasing unplanned downtime and never miss on production goals. Further, reduce the need for additional resources or overtime to manage production capacity inflows. Predictable production is critical for capacity planning and helps you optimize the financial operating model.

Improve Reliability & Asset Availability

Increase the work balance of the assets while limiting the costs related to delaying, starving and idling of the equipment. Commercially maximize the maintenance strategy, implementing predictive, preventive and prescriptive maintenance which bring more value to the operations.

Get Actionable Insights from Production Data

Data comes from different systems including, ERP, machines, and others. This operational data is combined with simulation to generate different what-if scenarios that help to enhance overall equipment utilization, driving better decision-making across the unit.

Supply Chain Optimization

Uses historical data, recent trends and environmental data to forecast optimal resource need in all stages of production. Also, determines the desirable inventory levels for production by balancing inventory level and expected sales effectively.

Scalable & Customizable

Developed using Python- advanced programming language, making it a highly advanced platform and open to customizations. It is easy to add different AI models and community developed analytics. Also, AI platform can scale according to the growing business and moreover it is easy to scale according to the new workload.

Electronic Batch Records Management

Decrease the release cycle time, while enhancing the consistency and accuracy of your batch records!

To maintain conformance to the regulatory needs, pharmaceutical companies should well document automated and manual procedures implemented in the whole manufacturing process. Handling these activities can be error-prone, time-consuming and sometimes prolongs the release time.

With Evermethod Electronic Batch Records, organizations can highly reduce manufacturing time cycles, while enhancing the quality and accuracy of the batch record. Our electronic batch record systems automatically control or create electronic forms for recording any/few of the following activities:

Key Modules:

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