Equipping Healthcare Providers with the Digital Capabilities to Face the Future

Challenged by increasing costs, data security, and unsuitable reimbursement processes, healthcare providers are shifting towards innovative and value-based business models for enhancing clinical and operational efficiencies.

Healthcare is embracing the embryonic healthcare standards, revolutionary healthcare technologies (e.g. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, others) and dynamic market developments.

Evermethod is on the mission of helping healthcare providers in this transition, with our customized and technologically-forward services and solutions that healthcare providers are looking for. Our service line spans across Revenue Cycle Management Services (RCM), maintaining Electronic Health Record (EHR), Denial Management, Medical Billing & Coding, Claims Management, Hospital Management, and others.


Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services

Healthcare providers are stretching working hours for minimal pay when compared with the past. With mounting changes in healthcare costs and reimbursement strategies, maintaining a healthy bottom line is challenging.

Not just the ‘revenue’ part, the continual regulatory changes, shifts in payer requirements poise major challenges to healthcare operations. Whether it is the emergence of EHRs or new coding standards or different value-based reimbursements: hospitals and healthcare providers started to feel the heat of the situation.

Evermethod is equipped with expertise in Revenue Cycle Management, prior authorizations, Medical Credentialing, Denial Management, Medical Billing, and Medical Coding. That’s why we are the right partner when it comes to managing your healthcare operations, speed up reimbursements and managing patient payments.

Why Choose Us?

  • Improve Claims Approvals

We carry out AI-based eligibility checks, track out of pocket expenses to reduce denial rates and improve recovery rates.

  • Denial Trends

We help you identify the process breakdowns in your current RCM workflow which improves the top line and bottom line.

  • Predict Future Denials

Our expert team helps you reduce the operational errors, by ensuring coding effectiveness and process improvements.

  • Automate Denial Works

We use ruled-based automation to route denials to correct coder or team; use event-based automation to route denials to correct the account team.

  • Decision AI – Reporting & Dashboard

We help you monitor and check trends on revenue cycle to make decisions on improving RCM KPIs, system and staff performance.

Smart Hospital Operations

Evermethod provides AI-driven, comprehensive, customized and integrated IT platform to smartly manage your hospital operations. Our platform can be used by multi-specialty clinics, healthcare facilities, and medical practitioners. Using this exclusive platform all the hospital operations can be managed at one place including administrative, medical, financial, legal, and compliance. Our healthcare operations management system is highly user-friendly and is free from errors that commonly occur in manual processes. Extracting the cloud or server information has become easy now using the new technologies/tools, achieving optimal performance. It is easy for patients to get an appointment of the doctor of their choice based on specialization, fees, rating, and availability. Also, managing doctor schedules, handing payments and collating patient notes are effortless.

Key Modules:  

  • Patient Registration
  • Appointment & Scheduling
  • Outpatient Management
  • Inpatient Management
  • Inpatient Billing
  • Discharge Summary
  • Laboratory Management
  • Radiology Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Consultant Management
  • Store Management
  • Security Management
  • Medical Data
  • Reception Management
  • Payroll & HRD Management
  • Accounts Management
  • MIS Reports
  • Service Management

Medical Coding & Billing

Evermethod offers end-to-end coding solutions to the healthcare community and all fortes generally to US healthcare providers. Evermethod has a certified team of coders to provide the best quality medical coding and services and facilitate an effortless billing process, initiating a well-organized reimbursement by following key billing guidelines such as Local Medical Review Policy (LMRP) and Correct Coding Initiatives (CCI). We offer medical coding services for healthcare providers, acute care facilities, physician offices, and long-term facilities.

Evermethod promises 100% customer satisfaction using our systematic medical coding methodology. Our systematic medical coding is performed to deliver effort-free coded records, without compromising on quality and within your budget.

Denial Management

Evermethod’s denial management starts on day one with an analysis of current and past charges, denials, payments, and related information. This allows us to locate areas that need immediate attention and helps to align Evermethod’s team to make sure we suitably monitor, avoid, and resolve issues.

Avoiding denials upfront includes cautious evaluation of complete coding on every super-bill, to ensure all the codes are captured, to represent all the services you deliver. Our team locates the coding mistakes which cause denials and hence prevents resubmission hassles and costs.

Business Intelligence

Health systems highly depend on data for decision making, but with millions of clinical and administrative transactions handled each year, it is challenging to differentiate between the initial trend lines and numerical noise.

Evermethod helps healthcare providers get rid of the clutter and get insights from their data using our potential reporting tools. We offer Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to help healthcare providers analyze their transactions, identify anomalies and trends, and take better decisions.


Healthcare IT operations

At Evermethod, we have been the standard for innovation and best service. Now, our focus is on helping our clients solve their complex issues. In the current healthcare environment, each dollar, each asset and each resource in your company needs to deliver their high performance. Our services amalgamate our business resources and expertise with the data available from your business to help you maximize the patient inflow, assets, and resources.

Healthcare IT services

We at Evermethod adopt the industry best practices to design and develop applications that are scalable, user-friendly and secure, and yet cost-effective. Customer satisfaction and requirements form the core Evermethod’s healthcare IT services.

With the perfect mix of domain and technical expertise of processes, technology, and people, we help our clients reach their strategic goals. Our unique approach for software development divides the client requirements into different modules in which each module is reviewed and tested carefully before rollout.

Services We Offer:

  • Healthcare IT Application Development Services
  • Healthcare IT Application Modernization
  • Healthcare IT Consulting & Outsourcing
  • Custom Healthcare Software
  • SaaS & Cloud Application Development


As a leading credentialing service company, Evermethod works with high efficiency to ensure our clients get enrolled in different insurance companies and manage agreements efficiently.  We manage credentialing of a wide range of healthcare specialties. Evermethod understands the end-to-end credentialing process, regulations, and rules of different insurance companies and also the complex requirements of provider credentialing. We are well versed with the industry and processes which help us navigate smoothly throughout the credentialing process to attain positive and quick outcomes.

With vast experience in serving different types of medical practitioners, we maintain long-term, established and strong relationships with several provider enrollment representatives across insurance organizations. Hence, we can help you save on time and money when it comes to the credentialing process.

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