Business Process Improvements

The challenge most businesses face during annual planning and revenue cycles is justifying further investment in something they can’t inexorably always measure, for example, investment in technology program, strategy program or investment in a new department.Our methods allow an impartial perspective of your internal processes by accurately assessing whether your investment are yielding proportional returns. It also provides a comparative analysis by evaluating what your contenders are doing. Specifically, your assessment includes a review of your organization’s:

  • Business Goals
  • Tools & Software Development Methodology
  • Robotics Process Automation
  • Data Strategy
  • UX Tools
  • Customer Experience Management

Our consultants have helped customers realign their investment objectives and needs to constitute profitable technology programs.
EVERMETHOD Assessment™ methods help you comprehend which processes of your business are moving in line with business goals.

We can deliver on the following

  • Findings on Repeatable Business process
  • Areas and business functions where Robotics automation can be implemented
  • Areas where RPA cannot be implemented and use other automation techniques
  • Process which are good for Proof of concepts for RPA, Pilot for RPA
  • CBA Evaluation and Cost savings
  • Development of Conceptual Architecture and Technical Solutions
  • Measurements
  • Implementation Plan
  • Re calibration plan to include AI/ Machine Learning for Automation

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