A Quick Overview of IMIS-engagement Management System

What is iMIS20?

iMIS 20 is a well-known Engagement Management System (EMS) developed by ASI to help organizations to engage its donors, members, and other constituents, as well as the employees—anywhere, anytime, across devices.

iMIS software has become popular for a reason. This association management solution is highly comprehensive, providing an extensive suite of features and has the provision to tailor the solution according to the individual needs of the association. Also, the iMIS software has been used from more than 25 years and is introduced by Advanced Solutions International (ASI) in 1990, which helped them to create a loyal following in the market.

In the next section, I am trying to delve into some of the key and popular features of iMIS.


The host member information is PCI complaint and online, providing the freedom to the members to update the profile by themselves. It helps encouraging members to manage or join chapters, companies, committees, followed by recording the participation of the members in the online groups.


iMIS software allows the creation of one-time, tribute, major, recurring, and planned donations. Each and every step of the donation process can be managed easily, starting from the donation forms, to the receipts management and automatic broadcast of pledge reminders.


Planning and execution of events- is easy with iMIS. Additionally, features such as automatic communication and flexible pricing rules help a lot. An event microsite can be created with public RSVP lists, social media integrations, and event schedules.

With the features and how they are configured, it is easy to guess that this software is meant for member management along with self-service member info.

Built specifically for not-for-profits, iMIS system can help:

  • Gain a unified perspective of all the communications: Easily manage companies or individuals, membership models of a range of complexities and types, and committees/chapters.
  • Simplified Measurement of engagement: Track and boost member engagement via the in-built scoring engine for engagement.
  • PCI- certified solution to manage all the financial transactions: Enable members to join or renew, register for new events, buy products, and apply or track the certifications available online.
  • Unite the community: Encourage the members to connect, interact, and collaborate online.
  • Engaging, Timely Communications: Enhance the constituent engagement with tailored, integrated and automated email messages.
  • Allow members to do 27/7 business: Provides the staff and members with the full access to the association, even when they are on the move.
  • Boost the productivity of staff: Get rid of the manual tasks and provide the team with automated emails, personalized alerts, and scheduled tasks.
  • Effectively maintain the web presence: Select from a wide collection of responsive, configurable site templates or simply integrate to the Web Content Management System (CMS) that are currently in use.
  • Accomplish continuous performance development: Configure and leverage the KPI’s in real-time with well-designed dashboards according to the industry best practices.


iMIS is all-inclusive

How organizations get benefitted?

  • Organizations can get the full benefit of each and every interaction of the members, customers, and constituents. Identify VIPs, grab opportunities, applaud achievements and keep a tab on unpaid balances.
  • Transform strategy into implementation.  Make the staff aware about what matters most and adjust the message with the change in priorities.
  • Encourage staff to reinforce relationships. The iMIS database contains a wide collection of knowledge about the customers, members, and constituents. The customer service alerts allow your staff to make use of the institutional memory.

Features for Users

  • The system stays active while user work
  • Check the crucial data from iMIS easily
  • In the event of any issue, CSA helps the user to take curative action with just one click.

Features for administrators

  • The CSA provides different types of alerts using the information stored in the iMIS database.
  • Indefinite Alert guidelines.
  • Develop alerts using actions, to carry out automation with one click
  • CSA can be used to enqueue a task to the current record.


iMIS is a power-pack of unique features and has the potential to make the lives of the non-profits easier.

Do you have iMIS implementation in your mind? We have been helping many non-profit associations to increase their operational efficiency with our iMIS services. Click here to get in touch.