Announcing Partnership With Rensol Technologies – The Asia’s Renowned Imis Implementation Partner & Software Services Provider.

We are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with Rensol Technologies to extend our iMIS Implementation services for not-for-profit organizations across the globe. Rensol Technologies is involved in the business of delivering software development and implementation services since 2001, with development centers spanned across Australia, India, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

As you are well aware that EverMethod always strives to provide THE best software services to its clientele—this is what that motivated us to enter into a strategic partnership Rensol. The iMIS implementation capabilities of Rensol Technologies are unparalleled and we are here to bring the capabilities of Rensol through EverMethod.

Rensol is the world’s largest privately-owned and authorized not-for-profits solutions provider of iMIS. Dating back to 1991, iMIS has helped more than 4K+ not-for-profits organizations all of all sizes and types to boost efficiency by controlling operational costs and boosting their revenue. Rensol is quite capable of helping non-profits to reach its financial goals and accomplish its strategic goals via a full-cycle process of continual performance improvement. The best-practice methodology mainly focuses on Recruitment, Engagement, Measurement, and Growth which steers constituent satisfaction and also lifetime value.

We implement an established agile methodology to match your implementation with the strategic needs and budget. Our typical iMIS implementation includes:

  • Analysis of the integrity of the current system
  • Mapping out the business processes of your organization to the iMIS best practices
  • Realizing performance enhancement from enhanced online self-service
  • Providing a fully functional Engagement Management System

Being agile is our USP, being said that we value people and communications ahead of piles of documentation; also we value operational software over the theoretical process. We support you to prioritize the entire collection of user stories based on the time taken by each, and the working budget. In addition, we work with the users in order to educate them at the earliest, to help them carry out the configuration by themselves.

We’re excited about this partnership and looking forward to continued growth.