A Sneak Peek to Technical Facet of IMIS

iMIS software is one of the early, yet competent Engagement Management System (EMS) available in the market. Thanks to the technology! It is its technological superiority that differentiates this software from its competitors. So, I would like to dedicate this article to shed a light on some of the key technical aspects of iMIS software which in turn help you take a decision on the suitability of this software for your association.

PCI Compliance & Data Security

iMIS seamlessly integrates with any IT environment that uses universally recognized security best practices, for example, the VPNs, encrypted network channels, virus protection and so on.

Moreover, iMIS can also be aligned with the Unified Database Security product, GreenSQL as an additional risk management strategy to offer a division of confidential database content from the web servers that are publicly exposed. It also retains the active certification as a PCI-compliant product, using complete documentation on the process to configure it for an association that prefers to go through the official PCI-compliance audit.

Scalability & Reliability

Developed on top of the popular Microsoft SQL server as well as IIS (Internet Information Services) platforms, iMIS software is completely capable of providing high scalability features. Also, iMIS has no built-in constraints and limits that hinder getting most of the increasing user base as IIS and SQL Server natively offer load balancing and data clustering.

Being a native Microsoft product, iMIS software providers good integration with the other MS office applications such as MS Outlook and supports effortless data analysis using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Openness & Extendibility

The iMIS Engagement Management System contains a potential set of tools to customize the system without disturbing the upgrade path of the product:

  • Develop query building blocks which can be amassed by the users to generate complex queries.
  • Include any number of tailored tables and fields, alter menu and navigation options, and develop custom web pages and screens.
  • Form, change and expand system logic to fulfill individual needs of the workflow automation.


iMIS software is developed to be upgrade-friendly, as the new versions are released the clients can stay updated with the latest technology and get the full benefit of advanced and enhanced features. It implies that the operating costs are predictable and manageable starting from implementation all through the long-term utilization. Simple to implement and high-value upgrades of iMIS stand as its uniqueness.

Mobile Competence

iMIS is integrally designed to work in a Responsive Web Design environment. Each serviceable element of iMIS software contains preferences for display on several devices.

Furthermore, it has readily available responsive web templates which can be used for a wide range of web properties including association’s website, fundraising microsite, members-only website, and even microsite. These templates can be used to build mobile presence or any third-party Web Content Management System (CMS).

Cloud Services

The cloud service of iMIS deliver through the internet and improve data security, enhance system performance, trims-down costs and frees-up the IT personnel to concentrate on other priority projects. Three types of cloud services are available with iMIS which can scale according to the requirements of any non-profit association, irrespective of its size.

Superior Infrastructure

The data centers are available across the globe which provides high reliability and compliance with the key standards supporting your association to become complaint-friendly.

Virtual IT Department

iMIS is backed by a team of Microsoft, iMIS, and data security professional who has in-depth knowledge and experience that is complex and cost-prohibitive for many associations to replicate.  iMIS system is well-maintained, protected and available always.

Cost and Time Savings

When it comes to iMIS cloud, there exists no complex and expensive infrastructure to handle. Also, software updates can be managed easily as it is automatic and is taken care by a team of iMIS professionals. The IT team is no longer troubled with infrastructure management and hence can focus on important tasks.

Overall, it is quite evident that iMIS is technically beneficial which made it one of the most preferable Engagement Management System worldwide. Cloud services, easy upgradability, cost savings, PCI-compliance, and data security are the key features that make this software appealing to potential clients.

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